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About Us
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Food is my love language.

My greatest relationships and bonds have been forged with an abundance of food fostered with love and care. Every gathering with friends and family was nothing short of a feast. Feasting together, sharing laughs and stories is how we all made deeper and more meaningful connections with each other.

Then I had my daughter, Kinsley. My fondest memories from her early childhood are in our backyard when we would pick all the ripe vegetables from the garden beds. We grew cucumbers, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, herbs and so much more. Each time, I would ask her if she wanted to taste something;

“Kinsley, mama dút”
Mama will feed you.

And with every spoonful there was love, compassion and open-mindedness.

My journey to vegetarianism was challenging, yet rewarding in so many ways. I knew that with every meal, I was impacting the livelihoods of animals and our planet. I was determined to set a strong example for Kinsley to have empathy and compassion for the world around us. As a Vietnamese-American, I struggled to maintain the balance of connecting with my Vietnamese heritage, people and animals all at the same time. With this in my heart and support from my community, I was able to create Vietnamese vegan dishes that I hope, will bring people together over a delicious meal while saving animals. This is my mission: to bring people together over food, save the piggies and maybe one day, the world. I welcome all who are curious, or defiant, or courageous.

Mama dút; mama will feed you.